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We have been painting storefront windows in Benicia, Northern California Bay Area for over 20 years. We paint bright decorative traffic stopping ads on your windows.
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It's been a long time since we painted the windows at Big O Tires in Benicia.  We used to paint an entire district running  up and down that Interstate 80 corridor from Benicia to Sacramento.  Big O Tires are always a fun gig to paint.  Nobody really cares what you paint on their windows - They just want something. I'm not kidding!  At least 90% of the time they call you out there 'cause "it's time" to paint their windows but when you arrive and check in to see what they want they reply "Ahhdullno" (ie "I don't know")"Whaddjya paint on the last guys window?" See it really doesn't matter - they just want something bright to catch people's attention.

 In reality their attitude is pretty savvy, I suppose.  People spend a lot of time himmin' an hawin' over what to paint on their widows when it really doesn't matter. One of the most important things is to just turn heads.  When people drive past you every day in their nine to five zombie state it doesn't take long before you blend into nothing.  Bright colors changing on a regular basis changes that …"Bright" overcomes "Blight"  Hey that's clever ain't it?  I ought to run that one by my web guy!  Nah - He'd just say "Timmy you got it wrong…You think you know how people think but you don't" Maybe Jimmy can let me in on how people think in Benicia so we could start painting that town again.

 Window Painting advertisements on your storefront windows will attract more customers. Every business in Benicia needs an advantage and that's what we are supplying! Our painted windows are removable but can be made permanent if you like.

Window painting in Benicia  

Window Ads Drive business in Benicia

Benicia would be a great place to promote, now that I think of it.  Just a hop, skip and jump over the Benicia Bridge and I'm there!  I don't know why we never tried for more windows there.  Sometimes you have to do more than just sit around and wait for the windows to come to you.  Hey - that's what I'm doing now!  Watch out Benicia - Here I come!

These hand painted window ads can be easily removed and a new ad painted every month depending on what your specials are.


Painted Storefront Windows for the Holidays in Benicia

Painted windows that change with the holidays shows your Benicia, CA store is current and has an attitude of having current products.

Christmas windows have proven to be most effective in driving holiday traffic into stores, with Halloween a close second. It is highly recommended to show your ready for the Christmas traffic by painting an inviting looking Santa and his reindeer's, right on the biggest area people will see.

 Christmas windows Benicia