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Window Painters Walnut Creek

Window Painters in Walnut Creek have had a huge impact on the local economy. We've painted the windows for McCovey's  in downtown Walnut Creek five or six times now.  Their concern was that we don't make the windows too "loud" We limited them to two or three colors, usually white, blue and green.  Typically we use bright reds and yellows  but since that didn't fit their style we just make sure to get the lettering large enough so its not missed by the cars flying by. About every other time we paint their windows we stop in and paint Babalou's…It's a little Mediterranean Restaurant.  Their Falafels are great.  Usually we just paint their windows in trade for food but it works out to be a great little trade off since we are already painting the windows immediately next door. It doesen't take much more time to add a message to their windows while we have the paint and brushes out.  They don't have a lot of glass to cover anyway.

I've lost count of all the windows we've painted in Walnut Creek over the years.  There have to be an hundred different places we've painted in that town alone since we started painting windows twenty plus years ago.  We've seen a lot of places come and go.  If we aren't painting some promotional window we always have some other kind of sign or mural job going on in Walnut Creek. We are getting to know a few people in the planning department so that makes theprocess of pulling sign permits go much more smoothly.  It's always good to have a friend working behind that counter.  I guess I mention that because I wanted to say that with window painting we don't need to pull any permits.  I suppose that's because the majority of the windows are temporary in nature.  Having said that there are, nevertheless, guidelines we need to follow.  Walnut Creek enforces those regulations more tha most cities. They don't want you to cover more than thirty percent of the glass.  They do not allow any flourescent paints in the downtown areas.  It's probably against their code for the auto dealers as well, although I think they are a bit more lenient when it comes to that neighborhood.

Christmas Windows Walnut Creek, CA

Keep an eye open for our work…There aren't too many windows we have painted in the last month or two but Christmas Windows are just around the corner and you might see one of ours on every other corner soon.  It all comes around full circle, I guess …I think we got our start painting Christmas Windows in Walnut Creek.  We will probably dies with brushes or rollers in our hand painting Santa or a bough of holly.

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Window Painting advertisements on your storefront windows will attract more customers. Every business in Walnut Creek needs an advantage and that's what we are supplying! Our painted windows are removable but can be made permanent if you like.

Window painting in Walnut Creek  

Window Ads Drive business in Walnut Creek

Window ads can use all kinds of signage. For example you can apply static cling decals, banners and permanent screen printed vinyl stickers. But the most effective window advertisements are hand painted unique window paintings.

These hand painted window ads can be easily removed and a new ad painted every month depending on what your specials are.


Painted Storefront Windows for the Holidays in Walnut Creek

Painted windows that change with the holidays shows your Walnut Creek, CA store is current and has an attitude of having current products.

Christmas windows have proven to be most effective in driving holiday traffic into stores, with Halloween a close second. It is highly recommended to show your ready for the Christmas traffic by painting an inviting looking Santa and his reindeer's, right on the biggest area people will see.

 Christmas windows Walnut Creek