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Window Painters Berkeley

We have been painting storefront windows in Berkeley, Northern California Bay Area for over 20 years. We paint bright decorative traffic stopping ads on your windows.
Want to make people notice your Berkeley business?
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The city of Berkeley is the kind of city that ought to have windows painted everywhere! It just lends itself to that form of advertising or decorations.  Window painting is a much more personal form of advertising than something printed or mass produced.  There is much more of a human element to it.  I think one of the reasons it is so appealing is that, aside from the message that is spelled or depicted on the glass, there is an inherent human involvement with the process of getting that paint on the glass.  That human element just isn't so obvious in other forms of advertising.  Obviously any form of advertising must involve the human spirit to some degree - Words don't just typeset themselves. However, window painting, as a human expression, often borders on "ART" It is, in fact, frequently referred to as "window art" Does that sound like Berkeley or what?

 Window Painting has a sort of free-form to it , largely, I'm sure due to the scale of the process.  Once you are proficient in that process you can practically attack the window with brush and roller.  We seldom sketch out anything on the window prior to laying paint on it. Okay - Yes we do attack the window but "with style" as Woody would say it. We should go crazy painting this town where about any "style" would fit in.  Berkeley we want you!

 Window Painting advertisements on your storefront windows will attract more customers. Every business in Berkeley needs an advantage and that's what we are supplying! Our painted windows are removable but can be made permanent if you like.


Window Ads Drive business in Berkeley

Berkeley you have potential! Bring me your naked, your bland, your lonely windows longing to be adorned with color! No longer need ye go on overlooked in a never ending row of transparency.  Rise to your intended glory! We can make you better than you are! We have been doing that for Big O Tires for years now.  No sale is required.  Every holiday is an excuse to paint! But if you require a sale before you call us out to paint your windows then, by golly, put on a Sale! We are ready to paint!

Window ads can use all kinds of signage. For example you can apply static cling decals, banners and permanent screen printed vinyl stickers. But the most effective window advertisements are hand painted unique window paintings.

These hand painted window ads can be easily removed and a new ad painted every month depending on what your specials are.


Painted Storefront Windows for the Holidays in Berkeley

Painted windows that change with the holidays shows your Berkeley, CA store is current and has an attitude of having current products.

Christmas windows have proven to be most effective in driving holiday traffic into stores, with Halloween a close second. It is highly recommended to show your ready for the Christmas traffic by painting an inviting looking Santa and his reindeer's, right on the biggest area people will see.

 Christmas windows Berkeley